May 13,2022
  1. The Token of Monkai.
  2. Monkai Anime.
  3. Physicals.
  4. The Monkai DAO.
  5. The Evolution.
  6. Metaverse.
We want to thank our community for supporting and believing in the Monkai team. This article is about the roadmap of Monkai, if you haven’t checked out the general article, please see it here. We would love to hear your feedback on it!
The Token of モンカイ.
With the idea in mind of building our own ecosystem around the Solana and Ethereum we planned to release a multi-chain token earned by Monkai holders. We plan to integrate it in the ecosystem, as a currency to purchase further goods such as physical pieces, web3 liqudity programs or game currency. Token has officially launched.
モンカイ Anime.
Every generation of Monkai NFTS has a storyline. Presented as past, present and future, every storyline has its own time period. The 1st Gen storyline is based in the Edo period of Japan. This storyline follows the tension of the Yokai and Monkai bloodlines in their fight to protect and take the land. You’ll be able to read the story of “The Great War” that paved the future of the Monkai breed. Monkai plans to come out with comics and potentially an anime that follows these storylines, so if that ain’t something to look forward to, I don’t know what is! planned to come between Q1 and Q2 of 2023.
MONKAI おもちゃ.
Every story character within the Monkai universe will be created physically and virtually. These characters will be available in a low quantity, connecting web3 with the physical. We aim to release a 1st edition set in Q4.
モンカイ DAO.
51% Self-governing MONK DAO Voting power is divided to Holders of Genesis Monkai Mints (Mint 1) the remainder of the voting power is reserved for future mints. They will also get access to community events, have access to the beta version of our web3 game and get early access to comics and anime previews Delivered upon mint
The Multi-Chain モンカイ
We are bridging Ethereum and Solana in a way never done before. Users will be able to interact with both chains with ease. $MONKAI will be immediately available to stake and earn within our dual-chain platforms. Delivered upon mint and continuous development
Monkai Metaverse.
MONAKI would like to build a community within our web3 game, we will have text channels, swapping, gifting and friend lists in order for players to connect with each other and progress throughout the game.