May 13th, 2022
Show me the path.
  1. Introduction to Monkai
  2. Projects on the way.
  3. Benefits of being a holder
  4. Roadmap ahead
  5. Thank you!
Hello there, let me introduce myself as Josh, or as you may know me, Brains. I’ve worked on many Nft projects however it's always been a dream of my own to create my own personal project. I’ve always enjoyed anime and Japanese-inspired content and I wanted to create my collection with that in mind. Working with my team I’ve made it a goal to come out with a project with art, lore and an aesthetic I can be proud of. I also wanted to create a liquid token that our holder and anyone can use. I hope you’ll be as proud of Monkai as I am!

Monkai was created in order to push a dynamic and unique multi-chain Nft collection with stunning art and incredible lore. Being one of the first SOL and Ethereum based Nft collections we aim to provide our community and holders with a liquid token.

2. Projects on the way.
As of late there has been many NFT collections that have no intrigue and wonder to them. Monkai will provide its peers with content based on lore, visually appealing characters and dynamic storylines. We also plan on providing our holders with utilities such as prints of their NFTs, staking, breeding trading and airdrops.
  • [ PHASES BY MONKAI ] With the goal of giving back to the community, we’ve got the first Monkai phase. By purchasing a Monkai, you’ll be able to redeem your tokens every week for an opportunity to join raffles, breed, and swap. There’s also a ton of benefits for holding the NFTs, one of them is being to be able to earn our token $MONKAI and direct access to Monkai DAO. We've prepared all the necessary Ethereum and Solana token technology to allow Staking of NFTs and Staking of ERC-20 and SPL-Tokens. We will also feature exclusive phases. Monkai is launching in June, if you want to know more about us please check out our Twitter & Discord.
  • [ MONKAI TOKEN ] Monkai will create a liquid Token on both ETH and SOL for people to use as they please. Holders will be able to gain this MONKAI by staking their unique NFTs, swapping on Raydium and playing our online web3 game with a built-in DEX.
  • [ MONKAI NFTs ] Our NFTs are meant to be immaculate pieces of art that holders will be proud to own. We have been VERY stingy about the art, making sure that we put out aesthetically pleasing and unique generated NFTS. No ones gonna hang up bad art on their wall right?...RIGHT!? Our goal is for holders to gain access to our DAO and have prints of their unique NFTs as well. Holders will also be able to stake, breed and trade their NFTs. If you’re lucky you might even get an NFT of one of our storyline characters!
  • [ GAMES BY MONKAI ] Monkai's web3 game is determined to create a unique play-to-earn game that forces players to team build based on buffs and strategies. We want Players to enjoy the joys of outsmarting their opponents as well as the beauties of a well though-out storyline and visually appealing characters. With PVP in mind, players will always have the chance to climb to the top of the leaderboards! MONAKI would like to build a community within our web3 game, we will have text channels, swapping, gifting and friend lists in order for players to connect with each other and progress throughout the game.
  • [ MONKAI ANIME ] This is my favourite part. Every generation of Monkai NFTS has a storyline. Presented as past, present and future, every storyline has its own time period. The 1st Gen storyline is based in the Edo period of Japan. This storyline follows the tension of the Yokai and Monkai bloodlines in their fight to protect and take the land. You’ll be able to read the story of “The Great War” that paved the future of the Monkai breed. Monkai plans to come out with comics and potentially an anime that follows these storylines, so if that ain’t something to look forward to, I don’t know what is!
3. Benefits for being a part of Monkai.
We’ve officially launched our Web3 technology and we’ve just been focusing on organic and real growth, this way we got a community full of people who stand behind us and love what we do.
Being this early in Monkai truly shows us how much love and trust is involved, and this should be well rewarded.
  • Genesis Passes act as a key to future Monkai projects, like a guaranteed whitelist key.
  • By purchasing or redeeming our tokens, you'll gain access to our ecosystem and the Ethereum and Solana ecosystem. Tokens can be used to purchase Monkai NFTs, breed and prospect or be swapped to regular coins.
  • Access to Monkai events and programs, early access & more.
  • Exclusive art material access in phases with artists high valued.
We also share a community treasury for our members, this money will be used to reward our supporters even more making this project more than just a DAO.
4. Roadmap forward.
Monkai is more than an NFT. This section is intended for a detailed roadmap, which we fully will update at a later point of time. We first wanted to focus on our roadmap. https://MonkaiNFT.com/Roadmap For further information please check the footer, twitter & discord.
5. Thank you.
First of all I personally want to say thank you to all the people, to our members and supports of the Monkai community, it wouldn’t be same without you and the whole community will make the project a true and amazing journey so far.
The team thanks everyone, and we’ll keep on working to make Monkai the best and most giving project, you’ll hear about us soon. We love Monkai.
Below are our official links, please get in touch!